Facilities & Maintenance

IAO Partners carries more than 160,000 premium brand products from over 600 manufacturers. Our product line includes a variety of energy efficient lighting, HVAC, maintenance equipment, tools, plumbing, PVF and electrical solutions. We supply to owners and managers of multifamily, hospitality, educational and commercial properties; healthcare providers; and municipal and government facilities.

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Industrial PVF

IAO Partners is a national supplier of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) and related products and services. We provide the best PVF and industrial products the world has to offer for flow control and other industrial applications that are easily-recognized and approved by the major industrial companies of the world.

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Shore Protection

Many coastal areas are facing chronic long-term shoreline erosion
problems. This is especially a problem along the low-lying barrier island
systems of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Average erosion rates are 6 feet
per year along the Gulf and 2 to 3 feet per year along the Atlantic.  In
areas where the erosive forces exceed nature¹s ability to protect itself,
seawalls, breakwaters, bulkheads, dredging and erosion control products
can be a viable solution by providing both shoreline stabilization and
coastal flood protection. When constructed along inlets, bays and other
coastal waterways, these structures also serve to keep waterways clear of
sediments and debris and maintain open navigation channels.

IAO Partners supplies several industries involved in the process of
protecting our coastlines and waterways.

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In the waterworks market, we offer products such as PVF, automation,
instrumentation, regulators and centrifugal pumps. All products and
manufacturers are compliant with clients requested specifications and
approved manufacturers lists (AML).  Materials include PVC, concrete,
HDPE, corrugated metal, poly, iron, carbon, stainless and alloys.

IAO Partners supplies utility contractors, municipalities, water and sewer
treatment plants, land developers and others with a variety of waterworks

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