SDVOSB Advantage

The SDVOSB Advantage

IAO Partners, LLC is a CVE certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small
Business (SDVOSB), a Louisiana  certified Small and Emerging Business Enterprise (SEBD), a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned Small
Entrepreneurship (Veteran Initiative, SE-(VI)) and a Small Entrepreneurship –
HI (Hudson Initiative, SE-(HI)).

We believe that current Federal Acquisition Regulations require highly capable suppliers like IAO Partners to be involved in the State & Government procurement process. With the focus on set-asides intensifying, our customers need qualified, diverse and capable service companies to work with to increase their competitiveness.

Priority for Contracting Preferences: Under current federal contracting authority, qualified and registered small businesses are entitled to contracts issued by the U.S. Government, most state and some local governments.

The Federal Government has implemented a mandate to award at least 3% of
prime and sub-contracts to Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses
each fiscal year.

* US Public Law 106-50: Service-Disabled Veterans shall be established at
not less that 3% -three percent of the total value of all prime
contract/subcontract awards for each fiscal year.²

The Department of Veteran Affairs has gone even further than the 3% rule
for SDVOSB companies. Public Law mandates that VA established priorities
for Small Businesses.

US Public Law 109-461, was enacted on December 22, 2006 went into full
effect on June 20, 2007 changed the nature of contract procurement
specifically for all Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) contracts.
SDVOSB Advantages Include:

  • Federal buyers are able to write contracts sole sourced with no
    competition. Contracts can be up to $5.5 million for manufacturing and
    $3.5 million for goods and services.
  • Reduced administrative time results in faster awards and shorter
    contracting by days or weeks.
  • SDVOSB set-aside contracts are preferred by most contracting offices.
  • SDVOSB sole source awards significantly reduce contract protests.
  • When prerequisites for a SDVOSB set-aside are not met, contracting
    officers are advised to follow current law and sole-source the award to a
    SDVOSB (DA PAM 27-50-422; The Army Lawyer, July 2008).
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increase Market Share
  • Local Economy Development
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Competitive Advantage
  • Local, State and Federal Gov’t Compliance
  • Increase supplier Competition and Sourcing
  • Improved Supply Chain Processes and Performance

P.L. 109-461, Veterans Benefits, Healthcare & Information Technology Act
of 2006; Effective June 20, 2007

Executive Order 13,360, the SDVOSB Executive Order (October 20, 2004)

P.L. 108-183, Veterans Benefits Act of 2003

P.L. 106-50, Veterans Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Act of

More information on the SDVOSB Program can be found on the Veterans
Affairs website at: Also, FAR 19.14 provides
details of the program at: